The Songwriting Process

Hi, we hope you are all well in these crazy times. With nothing but time on our hands at the moment we thought we would share our songwriting process with you.The most common question we are asked is,'Where do you get your ideas from'? Lyrically it all starts with John, he loves Sci Fi, old films, comics, books and history, so it could be a quote ,image or story which resonates with him. Musically, the songs are put down with an acoustic and a rough vocal line, then everything builds on that. Often the finished song bears little resemblance to its origins. For example, 'Underworld',which i perhaps our rockiest song to date, began on acoustic, upright bass and cello, then morphed into a heavy rock song.Everyone who plays on a song brings their own spin or vibe to the process ,thats how they evolve. Stay Safe, love ,Crows

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