01.12.23 : Hi everybody, thanks for checking us out. We were so pleased to hear from Chelsea Baldwin after a couple of years, she delighted us by agreeing to come and record with us in December. Chelsea sang on the first song we ever recorded and put her stamp on over a dozen since, so ready for this.One of the song she will be singing on is “Wallflowers “, there is a demo on our site player(track 6) that’s just piano, upright bass , clarinet and drums and “ All The Long Roads To The North”( next track 7 on site player).We finally got back in the studio a last month,  so some progress on the horizon.  Baz put a fantastic solo at the end of ‘Parallel Rome’ , plus we put the bones of three new ones down,”Wallflowers “,‘Pompeii Graffiti’ and ‘ How We Stole The World’. We finally finished ‘Land of The Giants' and it is now on the site, our homage to 70s glam rock, trying to recreate a Spiders From Mars vibe. We had so much fun doing it ,using those crazy sci themes and conspiracies  from that era.  We are often asked who our musical influences are, its an easy question to answer. We love a lot of 70s bands, especially Bowie, Pink Floyd, Mott The Hoople , early Genesis , Led Zeppelin and a host of others too numerous to mention. We also love lots of groups from the modern era, Radiohead, Dry The River, The Slow Show, Porcupine Tree, Muse etc. We have decided to put a new page on the site which features our reimagining's of some of our favourite songs.Thanks for the continuing support ,the comments, plays and mentions are really  appreciated xxxx.  Health, Peace and Love, Crows . 




Galles,adding some dream drums to 'A Minority Of One",guitars and vocals next.

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“Such a powerful opening, the piano merging into all of the other instruments was amazing. The lyrics are so powerful and really appealed to me. I feel like being able to connect with a song is so important. The beat of the song was so uplifting and powerful it is definitely a feel good song. The lyrics have such a purpose , the male vocalist had such a beautiful voice. Loved, loved this song.” “Love the piano! Great instrumentation! This is an instant classic that could be played on the radio for the next 20 year. Love the vocals. Great mix and great background accompaniment. Would listen to this track again!” ”