Chelsea, adding some class to the proceedings.

Travis Udall, this wonderful musician has been playing bass on the last dozen songs . Absolutely amazing player and making us sound incredible.

The sensational Alex Fink, helping us out with some amazing alto sax. He has played on three songs already and more to come. Looking forward to sharing with you.

18.04.24 : Hi everybody, thanks for checking us out and listening to the songs,we really do appreciate it

 I always wanted to use a Koto on a song , ‘Nightingales’ is the result, still a work in progress but combined with the strings it sounds fantastic, check it out on our home page.Apart from Nightingales we are working on some new ones, ‘An Empty Church (In Idaho’.) with the demo now on the page ( guitars and drums sound great)and ‘Tom Fool’s Lullaby’. we are in France and Italy for the next three weeks but in studio as soon as we return . Thanks so much for the continuing support ,the comments, plays and mentions are really  appreciated xxxx.  Health, Peace and Love, Crows .