Crows In The Cornfield are a band based in the North West of England, formed in 2010 by founder band members and writers,John Jones  and Barrie Cass. We set out to create a sound that allowed us to fuse everything we loved ,rock, prog, classical, jazz , pop, country and whatever else we wanted to help us create our own sound without being slaves to a particular genre . We  hope you like what we are trying to do and we really appreciate your comments. Over the years we have been lucky to have a multitude of world class players ,from widely different musical genres, adding their stamp to our songs. All the music on the site has been recorded at Alien Sound studio in Lathom , Lancashire, which is run by musician, engineer and all round top bloke , Mark Wainwright. We have always tried to stay true to our original purpose, which was to create music we wanted to hear ourselves..

We hope you enjoy the songs because we love producing them and we thank you for taking the time to listen.Please feel free to leave a comment,.we welcome your feedback. 'There is no station, just the ride',CITC. Xxx