Chelsea, adding some class to the proceedings.

The sensational Alex Fink, helping us out with some amazing alto sax. He has played on three songs already and more to come. Looking forward to sharing with you.

24..02.24 : Hi everybody, thanks for checking us out and the nice comments ,always appreciated ! 

 We were in the studio this week and   ‘All The Long Roads To The North’  is now on the site,  it features Alex Fink on alto sax and the always fabulous Lucy Lockwood singing and screaming her heart out. I always wanted to use a Koto on a song , ‘Nightingales’ is the result, still a work in progress but already sounds fantastic.. We are also spending some time on reimagining some older songs,‘Pretty Machines’ is the first of these, which also  features the fantastic Alex Fink on alto sax and Daniel Beach on pedal steel. Mark has done an amazing job on the mix and it has a Blade Runner jazz vibe now..Thanks for the continuing support ,the comments, plays and mentions are really  appreciated xxxx.  Health, Peace and Love, Crows . 




Galles,adding some dream drums to 'Sylvia Said",flute intro done,guitars and vocals next.

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