27.02.21 : Hi everybody! Thanks for checking us out.We hope everyone is well.   2021  is far more hopeful than last year and with the vaccines rolling out maybe live events will come back soon. All we can do now is wait it out, be careful, be kind to each other and  hopefully get back to some kind of normality soon . Who knows what the future of live music will be like for the next few years. It’s true that for rock music, the past holds a rosier and more glamorous picture than a future where its getting harder and harder to make a living as a working musician.. Maybe rock and its various offspring will  become another niche genre popular with a dwindling group of enthusiasts. However, we go on,  and despite these hard times there are lots of new songs coming in 2021 ,check out the Works in progress section.. Thanks for the continuing support ,the comments, plays and mentions are really  appreciated. . .xxxx.  Peace and Love,CROWS!




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“Such a powerful opening, the piano merging into all of the other instruments was amazing. The lyrics are so powerful and really appealed to me. I feel like being able to connect with a song is so important. The beat of the song was so uplifting and powerful it is definitely a feel good song. The lyrics have such a purpose , the male vocalist had such a beautiful voice. Loved, loved this song.” “Love the piano! Great instrumentation! This is an instant classic that could be played on the radio for the next 20 year. Love the vocals. Great mix and great background accompaniment. Would listen to this track again!” ”

Live music ,what happens next?

Hi, at this point all concerts and live gigs have been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. Ongoing surveys suggest that nearly forty percent of regular concert goers will not attend a concert until a vaccine is…

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Band Dynamics

“Your ego has about as much control over what goes on as a child sitting next to his father in a car with a plastic steering wheel.” — Allan Watts

This quote ,often used in Pink Floyd debates, made me…

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Why We Do We Do It?

Another question often asked is 'Why do you do it/bother?' People say 'You,will never be famous', you will never make any money' etc. This is missing the point, nice as those things might be, they are just by products of…

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The Songwriting Process

Hi, we hope you are all well in these crazy times. With nothing but time on our hands at the moment we thought we would share our songwriting process with you.The most common question we are asked is,'Where do you…

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