07.06.23 : Hi everybody,thanks for checking us out.We had a blast in the studio last time we were in,'Vampire Sunrise' is now on site,a bit of a epic,featuring Barrie Cass and Donata Greco. A new mix of ‘Sweet Jane’ and Bowie's ‘Time’, on songs which influenced us,Barrie adding guitar on that as well .,'Divide by Zero','Victorian Graffiti ‘ , ‘ Parallel Rome ‘,’Everywheres A Theme Park Now'and  ‘Land Of The Giants’,coming soon . Some rock,some classical and a sprinkling of prog,just the way we like it. We are often asked who our musical influences are,its an easy question to answer. We love a lot of 70s bands,especially Bowie,Pink Floyd,Mott The Hoople,early Genesis , Led Zeppelin and a host of others too numerous to mention.We also love lots of groups from the modern era, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Muse etc. We have decided to put a new page on the site which features our reimagings of some of our favorite songs. Feeling really positive at the moment ,so lets see what 2023 brings. Thanks for the continuing support ,the comments, plays and mentions are really  appreciated xxxx.  Health, Peace and Love, Crows . 




Lauren,adding some dream cello to 'Empires"

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